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to restore to unity


rediscover a sense of unity with your body, and move again with freedom and ease. 

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Welcome to REintegrative Massage 

REintegrative Massage is located in beautiful Bozeman, MT.  Rachel Esbjornson (LMT) believes in a client-centered approach to massage. When you book a massage with REintegrative Massage you can expect a session that is tailored to your individual body's needs. Rachel takes time to do a thorough intake before your session and then during the session listens closely with her hands to what is going on in your tissues. Rachel practices an integrative form of massage where she blends different massage techniques to address the tension patterns, pain, discomfort, and stress that is showing up in your body. Each session includes an intake but this is not a part of your session length, you will get the full time listed of hands-on time.

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