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Rachel Esbjornson, LMT

Rachel is a graduate of Arizona School for Integrative Studies and a nationally certified massage therapist. Her specialties in massage include: connective tissue, neuromuscular therapy, Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal massage, and CranioSacral Therapy.  Rachel has also completed the coursework for Somatic Experiencing Institute's three year certificate program. Somatic Experiencing is a trauma informed, body-oriented therapeutic model.  

In addition to having training in a variety of bodywork modalities, Rachel has studied yoga and is a graduate of Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. Rachel will often integrate the knowledge she has gained from yoga into her massage sessions and offers private yoga sessions to interested clients. 

Rachel also teaches at Sacred Roots Massage School of Montana here in Bozeman. When Health Works Institute was still open she taught there as well and helped supervise student clinic.  

Her B.A. is in Environmental Studies and Women and Gender Studies. Rachel has worked on organic farms in Washington and Montana, as a kayak and trail guide in Alaska, an experiential outdoor science instructor in Arizona and Montana, and as a Citizen Science Volunteer Coordinator doing ecological restoration work on the Colorado Plateau. 

Rachel sees all the work she does as fitting into the realm of "reintegration," or restablishing a sense of union or connection to ourselves, our bodies, our minds, and the natural world.  

Rachel Esbjornson, Massage Therapist, Bozeman

My Philosophy


I believe in a client-centered approach to massage and bodywork. I practice an integrative form of massage and bodywork, where I blend different techniques into each session tailored to your individual body's needs. As a result, no two massages or bodywork sessions are the same. Before each session we will discuss what is going on in your body, what areas need to be relieved of tension, and how we can establish a greater sense of integration so that once you get off the table, you can move through your life with more freedom and ease. I intentionally say "we" because I believe healing best occurs when clients participate in the process of their own healing. I am here as the facilitator of your healing process, listening with both my ears and my hands to what you and your body needs. 

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