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"Rachel has a special talent, and I count her as the best massage therapist I've ever had. I have ongoing neck and shoulder pain issues and she is always willing to take the time to work through the many layers of tension in my body. She seems as aware of what's happening in my muscles as I am--

she has a strong intuition, lots of patience, and clear communication. Anyone to receive a massage from her is a lucky person." ~ Sasha Storz 


"I work in the construction field and I truly appreciate a good massage. The massage I received from Rachel was, and remains, the best I have ever had. Her attention to detail was unmatched. I had never had a session focusing on the "connective tissue" in the body and that is what Rachel focused on. Unbelievable." ~Tom Field 

"Rachel's interest and abilities in connective tissue manipulation was wonderful, and it really brought in the therapy aspect of the massage. She is very down to earth and listens to your massage needs." ~Maura Odell

"I've received the most healing massages of my life from Rachel. I hold stress in my shoulders and Rachel time and again addresses those places in a way that gets me off the table feeling better than ever. She approaches therapy in a variety of forms, but always intuitively and personally. I recommend her to anyone and everyone!" ~Ana Miller-ter Kuile

Bozeman, MT Massage Therapist

"Rachel is simply an excellent massage therapist. She has fantastic intuition in understanding and responding to what she feels in the tissue, making her ideal for therapeutic massage. I have rarely had a therapist who was as capable of acting with confidence based on how the tissue is responding to the bodywork." ~Brian Patrick



"Rachel is still the best massage I have ever had!!! You are not just getting rubbed down; she is intuitive, and completely understands what your body needs. She is a healer!! ~Shaina Mo Wan



Rachel is absolutely the best massage therapist I have had. She is very passionate about her work, knowledgeable, and talented. Rachel takes the time to get to know you, and focus on problem areas so the massage is really tailored to the individual. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get a massage. ~Chelsea Stewart

Rachel has a warm presence, a strong intuition, and healing touch. I have had issues with my jaw and sciatic nerve, both of which Rachel has helped me heal. I highly recommend her, and encourage you to try her cranial sacral massage if you have never tried it before! ~Blair Hensen

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